Welcome to Eden Health. In the Bible, the Garden of Eden is a place where God put the first man and woman. “Eden” bears the meaning of pleasure and fruitful. It’s a place of pleasure and health without contamination, pollution and disease.

It is our hope, through Eden Health’s products, the health of people would be restored and they may live in joys again.


Eden Health is named after the “Garden of Eden” in the Bible. Our aim is to be your trusted supplier of supreme quality rehabilitation products and equipment to help needed people to regain health.

We also offer educational and therapeutic toys & tools to help children in their growth development. The brands and products in Eden Health are versatile and highly praised in health sector.


Product safety and reliability are always our top priority.

The brands and products we carry e.g. CanDo, Baseline, SkillBuilders, Thera-Band, Sonicator, Sys*Stim, AIREX, Jamar, Kinesio etc. are produced by manufacturers with decades of expertise. They are all well proven and are widely adopted in clinical use in USA and worldwide.

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Latest News

We are doing “Promotion”. You will enjoy 10% off for orders exceed HK$5,000; 15% off for orders above HK$20,000. Simply fill in the “Quote Request”…….
We have a broad variety of products that many of them are not shown in this website. We are delighted to send you a FREE printed Product Catalogue (300 pages). Just send us a short message in “Contact Us” page.
CanDo latex-free exercise bands and exercise tubing are widely adopted by Physiotherapists. Free samples are now available for your trial…….
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